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“A picture is worth a 1,000 words but… TALK IS CHEAP!”

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During my sophomore year in art school, one of the very few professors (name withheld) who enforced a professional, working nature, said strictly:

“This may be just an art form to any of you.  A picture is worth a 1,000 words, but outside of here [it] is a business… and TALK IS CHEAP!”

I looked around and I remember some of the timid faces of my peers.  They didn’t like what was said (kind of like my lacrosse coach in high-school once saying “no equipment at practice today, just running shoes!”).  But I was up to the challenge, because I finally found a reason why a school would be worth $35,000 a year (back then) in tuition.

It kinda’ goes like this; a client (prospective or definite) contacts you and inquires or tells what they want done.  You ask for more details, exchange and finalize a concept, settle on a deadline and  agree on a price/compensation.  It does not end there, rather–it just starts.  The only thing that ENDS is the TALK.

You have to focus, plan, organize/prioritize, hustle, sacrifice… and DELIVER!

And a lot of that is doing it when you’re alone, in total isolation.  It’s all DO. You know the client does not care when/how/or what you sacrifice in order to execute–they want to see the end result, because they hired you as a part of their business.

If you don’t you may never hear from the client again.  As for me, I earned a significant client list that I take each one of them very seriously–like it is my last client.

I’m a quiet and relaxed person for the most part, at times a bit reserved… but in this business, I let my hard work do the talking.  I think Cornell University’s men’s lacrosse team has a saying which I FIRMLY believe in:

“Well done is better, than well said.”

My professor finished his talk with a final saying:

“It could be little kids selling lemonade on a lawn, or somebody selling drugs in a dark alley… when people’s time, personalities and money are involved–it is a business.”

End of.


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August 4, 2010 at 1:42 pm

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