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“It’s supposed to be HARD!”

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For the past few months (since the beginning of summer) I’ve been amassing the ongoing requests for custom lacrosse art from people all over.  They email a pic of what it is that they want to be artistically reproduced along with the specific requirements which will make the piece “special” to [them] – the customer.  Each is different in size, medium and genre and I’m told that it would be the best birthday, graduation (yes, already!) and Holiday present for the person in mind.  But as I’m working on a custom piece, my Blackberry vibrates with the words in the email subject line: “Custom Art Drawing – how much?”.  It’s another prospective client.  Strangely enough, I get another one the next week asking the same thing: “Piece for my Grandson – can you?”.  Both are from different email providers.  I look at my calendar for the rest of the year and study the deadlines of each current and future customers in line.

“You can do anything, but not everything!” – David Allen (author).

I agree to take them on and hypothetically forecast that [it] can be DONE – all the projects!  I clear my schedule.  It is when I start, that I don’t realize how much time, patience or focus I have.  Do I want to stay up ’til 2am again working on a piece(?), knowing I have to wake up 4 hours later to start my day!

“I knew stuff like this is HARD… but not this HARD!”

Tired, exhausted – you name it.  The projects are on-going but I’m learning to multitask and use my time correctly.  X-amount of hours later, x-amount of days after, each project is done – mailed, UPS’ed, FedEx’ed… whichever.

“Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of VICTORY.” – Gen. George S. Patton

Positive feedback from customers come in email form.  I’m excited to complete more.  Is it worth it? – staying up late on the weeknights… staying in on a Friday and/or Saturday night… constantly perfecting your craft… growing your brand.  Those are some of the things that make it HARD, but in truth, HARD – is how you look and/or make it.  It defines us as individuals.

I started this entry with a line from a movie about baseball – yes, baseball… the rival, spring-seasoned sport of lacrosse.  Not one of my favorite movies, but has one of my favorite actors – Tom Hanks, in “A League of Their Own”.  I conclude with this scene from the movie.  Pay close attention to the last line!


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October 11, 2010 at 3:57 pm

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