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Creating the Knighthawks

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“I’m glad to have given you the challenge.” – Jules (Oshweken, ONT-Canada)

That was the response from my client when I mentioned that her custom piece, titled: “The Knighthawks” (below) was one of the most challenging projects to date (click image to enlarge).

“What made it so challenging?” she asked.

Aside from doing it simultaneously with three custom pieces, this was a “box lacrosse” version.  Ever since working with the former and now defunct, New York Titans in 2006/2007 by designing their game program, ads, etc., I rarely follow box lacrosse.  It’s not that I don’t like it, I’m just used to the field version that I play.  I had to re-educate myself with box lacrosse by going on the web and watching numerous Youtube clips of the sport.  But what also made the piece challenging was having multiple players (4) in the photo that she took – it’s been almost two years since I’ve done that.

“Making progress, slowly but surely…” – is the name of the game.  The muscle memory kicks in and the images start to take place on paper.  I’m liking what I see and hoping in my mind that the client will be proud of it.  Piece is done and out it goes overnight, via FedEx to Canada.

I get a very positive email from Jules upon her receipt of the piece.  I also find out that she’s an associate of Curt Styres, the owner of the Knighthawks and an entrepreneur based on the Grand River Reserve of the Six Nations (near Toronto).  She told me that Curt “saw the piece and swiped your business card right away”.

Do the good work.  EverydayUnderstand your audience and treat your client with the utmost respect.  You never know, who they may know.

One of my lacrosse coaches in high school once said, “If there’s no challenge, it ain’t worth it!”

Thanks, Jules!  It was worth it!


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October 25, 2010 at 1:59 pm

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