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Calling the SHOTS!

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“If you want to call the SHOTS, you have to take all the RISKS!”

That’s a quote I flat out believe in.  Lacrosse goalies have to be alert and call the shots, or else!  Being a goalie, a co-founder, president and captain of my post-collegiate club lacrosse team isn’t an easy job.  There’s coordinating meetings, game scheduling, travel/logistics, finance/budgeting, etc., etc. and then trying to stop a blistering shot at 95+ mph in goal!  But the hardest part of the job is when your teammates don’t live up to their responsibilities.  In my perfect world, they would be able to fully pay their seasonal dues on time, clearly read ALL my emails, not play phone-tag with me on game day, arrive on time and play their perfect game of lacrosse for a win.  But we do not live in such a world.

The same thing goes in business.  Entrepreneurship has taught me that there are two kinds of leaders:

1) The one who sits behind the desk and calls on certain people to “call the shots”.

2) The one who stands on their feet at the “front line” and “calls the shots”.

Ever since grade school, I’ve always had a major interest in military history.  I highly respect those who have served/currently serve in the armed forces.  Success in the military, just like in business and lacrosse, depends on management.  Here are two vids from the movie “Gettysburg” (1993) that display the true and amazing acts of leadership from two (probably less-known today) “front line” generals in the famous Civil War battle.  These two individuals “called the shots” because they took the risks.  Doing just that, enabled a strong faith among the personnel that followed these leaders into battle.

Union Cavalry General, John Buford (played by Sam Elliot).  Defending Gettysburg on the 1st day, all on his accord.

Union General, Joshua Chamberlain (played by Jeff Daniels).  Defending “Little Round Top”.  The BEST defense is an OFFENSE!

Bonus clip from other military genres –

Lt. Spears from “Band of Brothers”.  Knowing you have a job to do.

Leadership is ACTION, not position.

“In any moment of decision, the BEST you can do is the RIGHT THING.  The worst is doing nothing at all.” – Teddy Roosevelt


Written by theartoflax

November 4, 2010 at 2:46 pm

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